An exercise in brand awareness with Sylvie Meis.

A brand campaign for The Phone House

The Phone House

How can you build trust among consumers in a confusing industry?

The Phone House were looking to improve brand awareness and increase trust among their target audience. As a smartphone retailer offering tariffs from various service providers, customers thought they were paying a premium in comparison with a network’s own brand store.

So how can we increase brand awareness, address barriers to adoption and advertise the Phone House’s USPs in a single campaign?

Client Phone House, Germany
Disciplins Brand campaign
Studios Creative, Production
The Phone House
The Phone House

The answer.

Sylvie Meis, currently on the jury of Germany’s game show, “Das Super Talent” was the perfect ambassador for the Phone House brand and its target audience.

We used her catch phrase from the show “the answer is yes” to promote the large range of products and services the Phone House offer “at the Phone House the answer is always yes.” We then shot some beautiful images to create a cohesive and memorable campaign.

The Phone House
The Phone House
The Phone House
The Phone House
The Phone House

"Volt helped us create a great campaign with the lovely Sylvie Meis, creating a trustworthy testimonal for the Phone House brand."

Marketing Manager, Phone House

The Phone House

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Brand Awareness

Over 200


3 months

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