Winning the hearts of a fitness-minded target audience (and a place in their sport bags).

Branding Uwe Gensheimer’s, Andy Schmid’s and Marko Vukelic’s performance underwear brand.


How do we convince a sporty target audience that socks and underwear are the key to improving their performance?

UANDWOO, “U,” Uwe Gensheimer, “AND,” Andy Schmid and “WOO,”Marko Vukelic” was founded to provide a sporty target audience with the perfect underwear for handball, or any other sport they choose to excel at.

But how do we convince an audience, who until now have only considered the upgrades offered by their rackets, clubs, shoes or shirts, to consider what their underwear could do to help them achieve their sporting goals?

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The answer.

Create a brand story and visual identity to drive the message home. The slogan “The final piece of performance” and a logo based on the brands no-messing, handball roots were born and quickly followed up with a design language which was spread across digital, POS, packaging and even clothing design.

Uandwoo Logo
Uandwoo Logo
Uandwoo Logo
Uandwoo Logo

Icon set

We developed a set of icons for UANDWOO’s various product categories. They appear on product packaging, offering the customer clear orientation within each range.

Uandwoo Icons
Uandwoo Icons
Uandwoo Icons
Uandwoo Poster
Uandwoo Poster
Uandwoo Website

"Thanks to volt we now have a real brand ready to take its place along side the big players in the sportswear industry."

Managing Director, UANDWOO

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