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The discovery

The drink was the first of its kind, yet still managed to impress its audience with its flavour. Now the only thing missing was a name and a brand identity, so we got to work doing what we do best - creating something new.

The legend

To give Flöff an identity we began by telling a story. The story of the Flöff. A magical and elusive beast, tempted out of its mountain home through the forests by the scent of apple and cinnamon in search of a sip of the drink which carries its namesake.

The object of desire

Flöff is both a tasty winter drink and a mystical creature of legend. Using the brand story we were able to differentiate Flöff from its competitors: Glühwein, Punsch and Grog, which are all long term contenders on the Christmas market and ski resort bars where it is sold.

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Website and shop

The Flöff website was an important platform for telling the brand story both nationally and internationally.

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Flöff Website and shop

The Flöff-Spotter, tweeting live.

Our Flöff Spotter sits and waits for the beast to appear in his hide somewhere in the mountains, with a glass of steaming hot Flöff as bait. He tweets his findings and any other Flöff news for fans of the brand.

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Advertising and merchandise

The legend was brought to life on various posters, point of sale and packaging materials and flanked by direct mail and other B2B communications.

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Fill the legend.

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PoS design for Flöff
PoS design for Flöff 2
PoS design for Flöff 3
PoS design for Flöff 4
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