Meet Pete

Pete lives in his cage in our office in Münster. Why you may ask, would an advertising agency have a pet hamster?

Well firstly Pete isn’t a pet, he’s a fully fledged agency employee.

His areas of responsibility include being an opinion leader for the advertising industry on twitter and employee-feel-good-management.

Pete has a huge sign in his cage. When Pete runs in his hamster wheel he lights up his sign.

The harder he runs, the more energy get’s pumped into it. Just like when we work for our clients.

The harder and smarter we work, the more energy gets pumped into making our client’s product, service or brand better, brighter.

That’s how Pete came to work at volt.


See Pete in action (or probably not) LIVE 24/7/365 on Hamster TV! 23 hours, 59 minutes of mind numbing boredom, one minute of hard core action and pure entertainment*

*action and entertainment not guaranteed.

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My colleagues at volt are producing a Pete the hamster #emoji set. Apparently they’ve been inspired by some of my most prevalent emotions. I wonder if they made one for “suspicious”… There’s one coming each day in the run up to #WorldEmojiDay More here:

RT @tobiasbartels: Seibert: Corona-Warn-App läuft auf mehr als 85 Prozent der Handys via @t3n

Ich finde es ja schon anstrengend mit meinen Spezis von #Volt auf engem Raum arbeiten zu müssen. Aber mit Kindern... ciao! Witzige Tweets aus dem Home Office mit Kindern:

Die Corona Krise zwingt viele #Unternehmen dazu ihre #Aktivitäten einzuschränken. #Google erklärt, wie ihr euer #Business in der Google-Suche pausiert:

#socialmedia in Krisenzeiten – was tun, wenn sich täglich alles ändert? 🙃 Check this out:

Wie können #Strategien für eure Google-Ads-Kampagnen in Zeiten von #Corona aussehen? 🤔 Hier erfahrt ihr mehr: #Google #Online #Werbung