Burn more brightly.

At volt we put our energy into your brand. We work hard to make you stand out. And the more energy we put into making your advertising memorable by creating unforgettable campaigns, the brighter you’ll shine.

Burn more brightly – with volt, the advertising agency from Münster, Germany.

What makes volt so volty:

Pete Schild

We believe you should stand out

We live in a world in which brands, products and services really have to shine to be seen. As marketeers this is our challenge. To take everyday brands and fill them with energy, with stories, with culture, with magic. In short, we'll make your brand burn more brightly.

Pete artist

We're not just artists, we're problem solvers

Behind every marketing challenge is a goal. Achieving this goal is the focus of our work. It goes without saying that our work looks the part too, but then you'd expect that. We evaluate what we've done based on the success it brought our client, not just its beauty.

Pete Nerd

We always do our homework

We've been around a while, working for clients in various industries. We've got our feet wet. Every well founded creative solution requires knowledge, research, market comparison and analysis. Using these we can ensure higher campaign awareness with increased longevity.

Pete Idee

We'll find the big idea

Behind every story we tell, campaign we develop or ad we produce is an idea. An idea we developed especially for your brand, product or service. We make sure that this idea, this central message doesn't get lost along the way, ensuring relevance and maximum effect.

At your service


Over 20 years' experience in marketing and advertising, working with clients in various industries, has allowed us to build up a wealth of experience. Whatever the challenge, we’re ready to help with some fresh, informed ideas.


We always find the big idea you need to sell your product, increase your brand awareness and create a big bang in your industry. Our creatives are constantly filling empty white pages with inspirational campaigns.


Our designers ensure our clients always receive consistent designs for their brand materials, logos, websites, brochures, etc.

Web design

A beautiful UI/UX design is the key to every website we create. Our web designers know the internet inside and out so the latest trends are always driving their design inspiration.

Artwork and production

Our team of artworkers consists of web, digital applications and print layout specialists.


Behind every beautiful UI hides an equally beautiful backend. We work with the latest content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal and Wordpress to ensure your site is easy to manage and low maintenance.

Marketing support

Our team of account handlers and brand consultants have got your back. Whether you need help implementing a large campaign or managing an entire trade show, we’re here to help.

Account handling

Whether you prefer daily updates on your projects or just like the feeling that everything is running like clockwork, our team of account handlers are here to make our client’s lives easier.

We don’t like golf.

Two MD’s who are always in the office, actively working on client jobs.

Managing Director Creative Aaron Hickman

Aaron Hickman

Managing Director Creative


Managing Director Accounts Jürgen Oelgemöller

Jürgen Oelgemöller

Managing Director Accounts



 Advertising in Münster, Germany

Volt Büro
Volt Büro
Volt Büro
Volt Büro
Volt Büro

20 years working with these brands and the people behind them.

Over the years we’ve helped many client and their brands to burn more brightly.

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Client cpwh
Client dhs
Client eplus
Client feelsmart
Client floff
Client htc
Client huawei
Client hwk
Client nokia
Client ontex
Client phonehouse
Client schmitz
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