Advertising the first electronic locking system made for the end consumer.

A product campaign for blueCompact from Winkhaus


How do you sell a product the target audience doesn’t know they need?

Until now, electronic locking systems were only installed in large office buildings, airports or museums. Business customers have benefitted from features such as one-click access right changes, entry and exit protocol and time-based access for a long time, but the end consumer is a different story.

So how do you make a locking system with professional software ready for the end consumer? And above all, how can you convince this target audience they need to buy it?

Client Winkhaus
Disciplins Product campaign
Studios Creative, Digital, Production

The answer.

Firstly we threw out the complicated PC software usually used to configure the system and replaced it with a user-friendly app of our own design.

We also gave the keys themselves a new colour range, making it much easier for consumers to discern which key is theirs, while increasing desirability.

We then created an exclusive packaging design, worthy of the higher price tag and rounded everything off with a consistent product campaign displayed in all media channels.


"blueCompact is one of our firstend consumer focussed products. Volt helped us hit the right tone with our product design and campaign."

Marketing Manager, Winkhaus


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