Part time

As a member of our creative studio you’re capable of delivering bright ideas, concepts and copy for the brands of our well-known clients. You find it easy to slip into the shoes of various taget audiences and can convey complicated messaging and sales arguments in a language they’ll find easy to understand.
Whether it’s a brilliant campaign, a catchy headline or an informative brochure, at Volt you’ll be expected to deliver the highest level of quality and stylistic variation.

You’ll need:

  • experience as a creative advertising copywriter (ideas, concepts, campaigns, story telling)
  • confidence when talking to different target audiences
  • knowledge of the specifics of each media channel (online and offline)
  • knowledge of the latest trends and an openness to new forms of communication
  • a high standard of perfectionism regarding your own work
  • to be a native speaker in the German language
  • the ability to work well in a team
  • a goal-oriented way of working
  • to be reliable and able to quickly absorb information
  • a high level of initiative and independence

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