Finding space for an established brand in a busy industry.

Branding and corporate design for Drapilux

In a crowded industry how do you find a place for another textile brand?

Drapilux produces textiles for public spaces – hospitals, theatres, hotels and gastronomy are all members of their target audience. To ensure the longevity and relevance of their products in such demanding locations, every textile is upgraded with ‘intelligent functions’.

How can we position the Drapilux brand in the industry and differentiate it from the competition? And how can we get this message across in the most direct way?

Client drapilux
Disciplins Branding, corporate design
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The answer.

A competition analysis showed us that all competitors talk about was the design of their fabric. As this message was overly used, we would need a new avenue to create differentiation.

And so we focussed on the functionality of Drapilux fabrics while communicating great design through the visual language of the brand imagery.

The “intelligent functions” idea became the focus of our campaign.

"We had a great time working with Volt developing our new brand campaign, even going on to win a German brand award."

Marketing Manager, Drapilux


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Award winning

Our brand campaign for Drapilux won the German Brand Award in the Interior & Living category. It was nominated for its compelling brand concept.


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