Never work with animals
 (unless you’re creating a memorable social media campaign)

A social media campaign for the Glasurit Ratio Scan 12/6


How can we sell a technical product to a social media audience?

Glasurit is a leading manufacturer of car paint and one of its main areas of expertise is repair paints. With over 25,000 different paint colours it isn’t easy for painters to find the precise colour they need. That’s where the Ratio Scan 12/6 comes in. It’s a scanning device which, in combination with Glasurit’s online colour database, identifies the right colour in just a matter of seconds.

How then do you sell such a technical product on social media, a place where users have a very short attention span?

Client Glasurit
Disciplins Social media campaign
Studios Creative, Digital

The answer.

We reduced the message down to its core: what can Glasurit offer that no other manufacturer can?

"More colours than anyone else."

We then used Glasurit’s brand ambassador, the scarlet macaw, surrounded by other forest friends who were wearing competitors colours, to bring the message home in an entertaining and original social media campaign.

Post Glasurit

"Volt created a memorable social media campaign for Ratio Scan which has now been launched in over sixteen different countries."

Brand Manager, Glasurit


Not just social media

PoS solutions for Glasurit showrooms and product demos were also created using the campaign.

We developed metal feathers and painted each of them in a different colour which could then be scanned using the device. A wink at the social media campaign and a memorable process for customers.


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